where does it run: on the iPhone

when: the app was developed between december 2009 and january 2010

what: Squiddy is a minimal, digital pet that swims on your iPhone with a unique, primary need: feeding on Pink Thingies. He will not pay attention to you and your fingers poking inside his little world, because he’s a primitive little predator, not a cute puppy asking for love. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with him: if you give him a few Pink Thingies he will become pretty entertaining (even if in a bloody way :) )…

how does it work: it’s very easy: tapping on the screen you drop a Pink Thingie inside Squiddy’s world; as soon as the Pink Thingie appears, Squiddy will swim in its direction, attack it and eat it. Pink Thingies aren’t sentient creatures and can’t swim around on their own, so, if you want to make Squiddy’s hunt more challenging, you can rotate and tilt your iphone in order to let the gravity do its job, or your can drag around your Pink Thingie with your finger.
Give a look at the video to see Squiddy’s bad temperament in all its glory.

where to get it: here or, if you don’t have itunes, just search for “squiddy” on the appstore.