for whom: SolarExpo / GreenBuilding

where: Verona, Italy

when: 5-7 May 2010

with whom: I worked with:

what: SolarExpo is an international conference & exhibition on renewable energy and energy efficiency, held once a year in Verona.
The client wanted to involve visitors in some kind of augmented reality experience, that could entertain them, underline the innovative nature of the solutions presented at the fair, and give useful informations at the same time: in order to accomplish these goals we created an augmented map.
The exhibition catalogues contained a graphic marker that could be read by custom created multimedia kiosks equipped with cameras that were capturing the surrounding area all the time and played back the footage on huge 60″ screens in real time. When someone would show his marker near one of the kiosks, people looking at the screen could see a small cartoonish version of the fair grow out of the catalogue.
This animated model looked like a small planet, powered by the renewable energy solutions presented at SolarExpo: there were wind turbines, sun following solar panels and small electric cars. Furthermore the buildings on the planet were a scaled down version of the exhibition area, so people could actually find their way through the expo playing with this 3D virtual toy.

where to get it: this project is opensource (GPL license) so you can grab your own copy of the software here if you want to try it at home or you can download the source code from here if you want to give a look under the hood. The project was developed on a mac, so, in order to run it, you will need:

  • a recent mac, with a recent version of MacOsX
  • a decent video card
  • a good amount of RAM (>3G)
  • a working webcam
  • this marker

Last note for programmers: the code is stardard C++ and makes use of multiplatform libraries (Openframeworks, ARToolkit Plus), so you should be able to port it to win or linux with no particular problems, if you feel so inclined.