for whom: Marcia Lyons

where: David Richard Contemporary, Santa Fe

when: late spring 2011

what: when I was contacted by Marcia, she needed someone that could transform her performance piece into an independent installation. In order to achieve this goal, I created a modular software that (remaining faithful to the author’s sensibility) could control on its own the projections in the exposition space: variations were triggered by a balanced mix of seismic data from online databases, computer vision filtered camera input and physics based particle systems.
Here’s an excerpt from the exhibit catalogue:

RED Force Fields (2011) is a two part interactive installation activated by live data and viewer’s movement. Bubbling up as large pulsating red blots, the projection field is triggered by remote earthly events and bodies in motion that might alter the work – without knowing it – thorough the use of cameras and sensors. Exploring a dual networked affect -’interacting force fields’- streaming seismic sites are wirelessly translated into massive ‘magmatic’ color field projections on adjacent walls of the gallery space. The artwork is activated by live events (feeding in by the hour, day, week) as the viewer moves, the piece is moved, while both the work and the viewer un-earth an empathic with a pulse. This anthropomorphic nature is enhanced by an audible hearthrobing surge synched to the live data and bleeding red trails as viewers ‘bump’ into ’sore spots’. RED Force Fields ultimately allows the visitor to comprehend the environment in a more ephemeral and sensual manner, breaking free of the limitations of ‘logic’ and ‘reality’. Marcia Lyons elaborates, “I’m interested in how these limits disappear and how the performance body takes over.”