for whom: Playhouse competition

where: Dublin, Liberty Hall

when: from 24th september 2009 to 11th october 2009

what: for a couple weeks, Liberty Hall, an iconic building located in the centre of Dublin, was turned into a 50 metre, low resolution display, similar to the famous Blinkenlights project in Berlin: 330 windows, powered by energy efficient LED lights, became giant rgb pixels, ready to broadcast digital art across the city skyline. In order to provide the needed contents, a competition was held and I replied to the call for works. In those days I really had little time to start and develop a new piece of code, but , in the weeks before, I did play a little with metaballs and thought I could reuse some of those experiments: metaball algorithms scale nicely to every resolution, are easy to implement in the selected platform (Processing) and, most important, the idea of huge sticky balls, bouncing inside a 50 mt glass box in the middle of Dublin, just sounded fun. So I sat down and created the “World’s biggest lava lamp“.