for whom: Oracle

where: online, Milano Triennale, Roma TheSpace Cinema

when: spring/summer 2013

with whom: Alessandro Fontana, web campaign project manager

what: during the summer of 2012, I was contacted by the Oracle italian chapter to discuss the possibility to enrich the upcoming Oracle 12c launch campaign with generative and interactive contents, in order to create a more immersive experience for the company’s partners and clients.
After a first phase, where we learned about the company’s expectations, we studied the campaign’s language and prototyped different ideas, we finally found the right approach and, at the beginning of spring, we started the development phase.
My contribute to the campaign was articulated into two different steps:
- an interactive invitation in the form of a camera based browser-game, where the user could register at the launch event in playful exotic way; this mini-game worked as a teaser, anticipating the special effects that would be used at the launch events
- an augmented reality presentation environment, that the speakers could use on stage to enrich their slide based presentations: waving their hands in mid-air, they could summon 3D objects on a video wall, interact with them and use them to support their speech.
The visual language and the interaction model used in both steps, were crafted following the campaign guidelines and constantly keeping in mind the contents of the presentation and the campaign’s claim: Plug into the Cloud!.

media: here you can find the official footage of the launch event (italian audio); below there is a video of me showing how the presentation software works:

Stage augmented reality for Oracle 12c launch event from nausea on Vimeo.