when: december 2010

what: ofxOpenSurf -as the name suggests- is an OpenFrameworks addon wrapping the capabilities of Chris Evan’s OpenSURF. The SURF (achronym of Speeded Up Robust Features) algorithm is able to find significant regions inside an image and to track them in a distorted (i.e. rotated, scaled,…) version of the same image, or in a different image portraying the same kind of object; this means it can be used in scenarios like markerless augmented reality, object recognition, 3D scene reconstruction, etc…
The current version of ofxOpenSurf is thought to make OpenSURF easily accessible from OF and to make it easy to perform common tasks like:

  • finding SURF points in images and video streams
  • matching objects in different images
  • using any image as an AR marker
  • using SURF points to detect motion (useful for 3d reconstruction)

license: GPL

where to get it: ofxOpenSurf