for whom: Nike

where: Nike Stadium, Warsav

when: spring 2012

with whom: I teamed up with Onformative (project management, co-hacking)

what: on occasion of the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship and as a part of the My Time is Now campaign, Nike created the Nike Football Stadium a concept space dedicated to football fans and located inside the Zlote Tarasy Mall. This space is framed by a massive 30-meter LED screen that, using cameras and computers, can deliver interactive experiences to visitors.
The installation I created invited polish football enthusiasts to emulate Szczesny and to protect their team’s goal. When someone standed in front of the screen, a giant image of the polish goal keeper would interrupt the normal animation loop by literally breaking trough it and making it explode in a cloud of 3d glass fragments; these fragments would then rearrange themselves to mirror the shape of the visitor’s body, following all of his movements. When the visitor would strike the goal keeper’s pose, the software would take a snapshot of his “broken glass avatar” and would share it on the social media.

media: here is a short screen capture showing how the “broken glass avatars” look like:

Nike Szczesny Wall installation from nausea on Vimeo.