for whom: Nike

where: Boxpark, London

when: beginning of 2012

with whom: I teamed up with Onformative (project management, co-hacking), AKQA (art direction), Jens Fischer (sound design).

what: in january 2012, Nike presented the Nike+ Fuelband, a bracelet that tracks the users daily activity; the basic idea behind this product is to transform every moment of the day into an opportunity to train. The Nike store at Boxpark was conceived to support the launch of the Fuelband, providing an immersive experience: the act of visiting the store becomes a sport, as the customer’s movements control a pixel cloud that takes the shape of his own body, becoming a sort of avatar. The interaction is extremely natural and stimulates physical activity: the more the customer moves, the more the avatar turns from red to green and the pixels are shaken by wave like turbulence.
Praising the work, the IAB’s Director of Marketing & Communications, Sophia Amin said:

This installation set out to fully immerse consumers in a digital product in a real world environment. It has successfully achieved this while at the same time providing a template for the future of retail for athletes in the digital age.

awards: Nike Fuel Station was awarded a Silver Lion in Cannes.

NikeFuel Station from onformative on Vimeo.