for whom: EpicFX

when: 2014

what: L.I.V.I.D. stands for Laser Integrated Video Interactive Display and, as this name implies, the goal of this project is to user laser projector technolgy in a new, richer and interactive way.
Traditional laser projectors make use of a set of protocols that allow them to draw silhouette images and to playback image sequences, but cannot easily work with generative contents (in the modern sense of the term) and handle real time interaction; EpicFX, a company specialized in laser shows, wanted to overcome these limitations so we started working together to create a software tool capable of generating real time 3D content (using modern OpenGL) that could be mapped on a physical environment using video projectors, lasers, or overlaying these two technologies.
We addressed the problem at a very low level, creating generic drawing methods that would work with pixels and lasers, studying optimizations that took into account the mechanical operation of laser projectors and ultimately creating what could be described as our own laser shaders.