for whom: EasySoft

where: presented at Stazione Termini, Rome

when: Christmas 2013

what: in autumn 2013 I was contacted by the leaders on an anglo-italian company named EasySoft: charmed by the world of creative coding and interactive art installations, they were interested in developing a software tool to deliver interactive digital signage experiences.
During the following months, we designed and developed a platform to easily create interactive advertising scenes for public spaces. The final app works like an augmented reality jukebox: you select an interaction model (pop objects with movements, optical flow turbulence, comic balloons…), you insert your client’s logo and media files and you’re ready to go.
User interaction is handled through the same camera used to capture the scene and any video wall or projector can be used as an output, so the installation part is really easy and suitable to most situations.

media: during the last week of december, EasySoft organised a Christmas themed demo on the main video wall of the central railway station in Rome: a crowd of amazed travellers found themselves playing with parachuted presents, digital snow storms and mistletoe branches suddenly appearing over their heads.
The video below shows some of their reactions: