for whom: Oracle

when: summer 2010

with whom: the project team was composed by 3 people:

what: Heroes of New Media (HoNM) is a business game created to support a new media training course for the Oracle marketing guys.
Technically speaking it’s a multi player browser game developed in as3+php+mysql and residing on the corporate training portal. After subscribing to the course, each trainee receives a username and a password, is given the possibility to create a custom avatar and finally logs into the game.
From the gameplay point of view, HoNM is basically an rpg: the player enters a world divided into several territories, each of which represents one of the subjects he/she will learn during the course. In order to claim these territories and kick away the bad guys, each player has to make his/her character grow stronger: every time a player partecipate in lessons, completes a training unit or accepts and completes a quest (an assignement based on the courseware and to be completed both in the game and/or in the real world), his/her character receive specific skill points that allows him/her to proceed further in the game and receive special badges attesting to his/her achievements.