for whom: FHNW University and St.Gallen Art Museum

where: St.Gallen Art Museum

when: summer 2009

what: from the project's official page:

Can the pereception of ‘art’ be measured? If yes, how could that be done? This is the central question at hand that has brought together an international research team from several universities to test out their ideas within the context of an experimental exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts St. Gallen (Kunstmuseum St. Gallen), Switzerland. eMotion – Psychogeographic Museum Cartography is the title of this national research project in Switzerland, that embarks upon the question as to the measurement of the effects of the Museum and its modes of display upon the visitor. Funded through the Swiss National Science Foundation and Ubisense, the fifteen-member research team has combined efforts from various disciplinary backgrounds, to examine the ‘force-field’ of the Museum – both empirically and experientially.
My role as an interface designer, was to stitch together the biometric data collected by the database team, in order to give life to animated psychogeographic maps representing the visitors’ experience: using a mix of Processing and pure Java I realized an interactive table where people can represent their own physical and emotional path inside of the museum in a pictorial way.


media: the eMotion project received a good amount of international media attention: it has been featured on german, swiss and french television, german, swiss and austrian radio and international press. A TV excerpt in english can be found below; for a complete listing go here.