for whom: Eileen Cowin

where: Santa Monica

when: winter 2013/2014

what: when I first met Eileen, she was interested in experimenting new ways to make her pieces interactive with their public.
She explained that she was working on strip-shaped compositions, containing images, videos and animation loops, and she needed help with two things. First of all, she wanted her installation to react to the physical presence of visitors; secondly she needed a tool to work on her compositions, allowing her to easily blend different media types and to prototype the final gallery experience in her studio.
I created a software tool that works both as the main app running the installation in the gallery, and as a creative editor. When used in editing mode, it allows the artist to load different medias, adjust their position inside the strip, define interactive behaviours depending on the input received from a depth camera and to adjust the output with some basic projection mapping functionalities; when the artist is satisfied with her composition, she can save her work and turn the application in show mode.
The tool was used to create the installation Time of Useful Consciousness, which is presented in the following video:

Time of Useful Consciousness from Eileen Cowin on Vimeo.