who: the performance is a collaboration between Spectre (Stefano Moscardini + me) and Lukas Zpira. I created the software and the visuals, Stefano was responsible for the sound design and Lukas is the main performer on stage.

when: the whole performance was conceived and realized during the summer of 2011, while the three of us were constantly traveling in different parts of the world; fortunately we did share the same vision and come from very compatible cultural backgrounds, so we managed to create something organic working from different places and syncing with a few occasional chats.

where: Danse Neurale was realized for the 2011 edition of Borderline Biennale; after just a few days it was performed again at Souterrain Porte VI and it’s now ready to travel to new places.

what: the central aspect in Danse Neurale is to bring flesh, plastic and steel on stage together, make them complementary and let them express together as if they were a single organism.
Lukas’ body is equipped with a series of wireless sensors: an EEG headset, a breath microphone and a modified stethoscope; moreover two flesh hooks are inserted under his skin and connected to a winch. As the biometric signals are collected, they are sent to the software, where they are parsed in real time and used to drive both the audio and the visuals; when the winch starts to pull Lukas’ flesh, it generates a neurological response that, in turn, becomes a biomechanical feedback: two huge wings made with his own EEG graph grow from his shoulders, start to flap and lift his body off the ground.

Spectre + Lukas Zpira @ Borderline Biennale 2011 from SPECTRE on Vimeo.